Effort with no results

Those are the worst words a wanna-be success story wants to hear. Putting in effort with no results is about as frustrating as wanting to pee, sitting down on the toilet and not getting a drop out. Well, that’s frustrating to me anyway. Right now I’m ‘getting back on track.’ That is the overused phrased used by anyone who has fallen off the bandwagon. Though in the words of my hardcore Weight Watchers leader, we don’t “fall” off the wagon. We jump.

It’s been a week since I crawled back onto the wagon. I did a liquid diet for three days, but I admit that I overindulged on the protein shakes and soups. That was, perhaps, my first mistake. Mistake No. 2: stepping on the scale every day. It hasn’t budged. I always see the greedy ‘70.0 kg’ on the scale. I hate that number. I’m no better than I was when I started. I want results and I want them now.

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